Five Phases to Implementing Forklift Fleet Management

Crown Equipment has been providing forklift and material handling connectivity solutions for over a decade. During that time, we have worked closely with our customers to help them integrate forklift fleet management into their businesses. Through that process, we‘ve learned valuable lessons about technology adoption and implementation in material handling facilities. Through our experience with […]

Equipping Pickers with Automated Technologies Creates Tangible Benefits

As the grocery industry continues to evolve, managing supply chains and moving products within refrigerated and frozen food warehouses becomes even more complex. Developments in the industry are causing executives to shift their focus toward the layout, speed, flexibility, and productivity of their distribution centers to determine what additional investments are needed. Meeting evolving customer […]

Protecting Your Warehouse Racks from Impact Damage

Warehouse rack protection

Warehouse rack systems can pose a safety hazard to warehouse employees if they become damaged or are not properly maintained. That is why it’s important to regularly conduct rack assessment inspections to identify and repair/replace damaged uprights, beams and wire decks. It’s no secret that one of the major causes of warehouse rack damage is […]

Is Your Workforce Ready for Greater Connectivity?

Warehouse colleagues discuss new forklift fleet management system

Almost no one likes change and that basic trait of human nature must be considered in any technology implementation, especially when you are bringing greater connectivity to your facility. When managed properly, the initial reaction your workers may have to the changes introduced by connectivity can be effectively minimized and eventually eliminated as they gain […]

No Ifs, Ands or Buts: Forklift Seat Design Matters

An operator sits in an ergonomic forklift seat while unloading pallets on a warehouse dock

Comfort is a word that means different things to different people. To a lift truck operator, it may mean just being able to operate the vehicle throughout one’s shift without creating aches, strains or other soreness. One source of irritation for operators, sometimes quite literally, is often the seat. While the seat is only a […]

How Greater Connectivity Can Enhance Your Safety Program

Forklift operator drives connected lift truck in manufacturing environment

In previous posts, we’ve defined and brought clarity to the idea of a connected supply chain facility. We’ve discussed a variety of topics, including the business value of a connected facility, the best way to introduce the technology to your facility and how to prepare your workforce. What you may not realize is that greater […]

How Greater Connectivity Can Transform Service and Maintenance

Forklift service technician diagnoses issue with lift truck in need of repair with the help of connected technology.

Imagine a world where your forklift tells you or your operator when there is a maintenance issue that needs to be addressed. Or the forklift automatically takes steps to prevent an issue from becoming more severe – and most likely, more expensive to fix. Better yet, imagine the service technician shows up at your facility […]

Six Goals Greater Connectivity Can Help You Achieve

Warehouse managers discuss data from connected forklifts

Today, warehouse equipment, such as forklifts, can be connected with little or no disruption to existing operations and deliver immediate value that grows over time. The key is taking a phased approach that is based on clear business objectives and builds on the successful experience of others. In order to realize tangible benefits with greater […]

Forklift Safety That Goes Beyond the Forklift

Forklift operators and warehouse workers safely complete tasks in a warehouse

While National Forklift Safety Day is June 8, forklift safety is more than just one day, and it is also more than just the forklift. A holistic and consistent focus is key especially given the important role forklift safety plays in the supply chain. To build and maintain a strong safety culture, managers need to […]