Better Data Adds Up to Better Forklift Utilization

Forklift service technician performs service as part of a connected maintenance program

The supply chain and warehouse are overflowing with data; not all of it on product movement. Warehouse and forklift connectivity is generating data on worker performance, forklift utilization and the health and status of equipment. Companies are investing to collect and analyze data to increase productivity, lower costs and enhance safety. One area where greater […]

Cutting Five Seconds Per Pick: How to Optimize Low-Level Order Picking

Warehouse employee works with wearable order picking technology

Despite warehouse technology advances, such as pick-to-voice systems, the low-level order picking process is still noticeably inefficient. It can take as many as nine discrete actions from when an operator places one case on a pallet to when they place the next case on the pallet. It remains one of the most resource-intensive processes in […]

Deionized Water: The Perfect “Solution” for Maintaining Your Lead-Acid Batteries

Technician completes forklift battery watering with deionized water

Regular maintenance of lead-acid forklift batteries helps preserve their capacity and could increase their life and run times. And this pays off in decreased downtime, increased productivity and less money spent on replacing batteries. One of the most significant parts of lead-acid battery maintenance is monitoring water levels and adding water, as needed, to achieve […]

Warehouse Productivity on the Rise Thanks to New Forklift Capabilities

Cold storage warehouse worker moves pallets with walkie rider pallet truck

Warehouse managers everywhere are under pressure. Even cold storage operations are feeling the heat. Managers are being challenged to fit more SKUs into existing space, turn their inventory faster and squeeze more productivity out of their existing assets. All the while, warehouse operations must be prepared for potential business disruptions caused by both internal and […]

Five Steps to a Healthier Forklift Fleet

Forklift service technician monitors forklift data during repair

When it comes to the performance of your supply chain, the health of your forklifts is vital. An unhealthy fleet can lead to lower productivity, considerable inefficiencies, higher service and maintenance costs, and unsafe working conditions. The following are five steps you can take to help ensure you have a healthy forklift fleet to continue […]

Three Strategies for Reducing Turnover Among Forklift Operators

Warehouse worker operating LPG powered forklift

Despite advances in automation, warehouses are still dependent on people, and those qualified people are becoming harder to find and retain. A key to employee retention is motivation and engagement. Workers who feel valued and find their work rewarding are less likely to look for new opportunities elsewhere. Here are three strategies for reducing turnover […]

A Lift in Lean Manufacturing Flexibility and Efficiency

Manufacturing worker uses lift truck during production

Since its development in the early 20th century, the forklift is the undisputed workhorse of the material handling industry. Visit any warehouse and distribution center around the world and you’ll see it in action, moving materials of different sizes and weights in many different applications. Many of the trucks display scrapes, scuffs and scratches that […]

Forklift Rental Is a Valuable Tool in Your Supply Chain Sustainability Toolbox

Rental forklift fleet with operators in warehouse

Companies expend a significant amount of effort and resources to bring predictability to their supply chains. The ability to foresee and quickly respond to potential unexpected downtime, shifting market conditions and changing consumer demand is an invaluable asset in helping companies avoid or minimize supply chain disruptions. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts and incremental successes, […]