A Winning Dream Team: How Automation and Manual Operations Can Work Together

Automated vehicle transports products in warehouse

When it comes to supply chain automation, there are very few questions about whether the technology is a viable option. Numerous successful projects and applications across the industry have shown that there can be benefits to incorporating certain types of automation into warehouses and distribution centers. As supply chain managers begin to research automation solutions, […]

Forget the “New Normal:” Three Tips for Improving Facility Operations Beyond COVID-19

Forklift operators perform tasks in warehouse setting

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to reshape and challenge distribution facilities and supply chains, there’s been a lot of talk about adjusting to the “new normal.”  But why focus on normal when you could focus on better? In many ways, the pandemic has become an accelerator or catalyst for positive change, forcing companies to reexamine, […]

Six Tips for Optimizing Your Forklift Fleet’s Battery Inventory

Lead-acid battery in electric pallet jack being charged

Lead-acid batteries are absolutely vital to forklift operations, but can also lead to major headaches for fleet managers playing a guessing game with optimal battery inventory. Having too few, or even too many, batteries can negatively impact performance and operational productivity.  These tips will help you determine and maintain the right number of lead-acid batteries needed to efficiently and […]

Taking a Phased Approach to Warehouse Connectivity

Forklift operator using forklift equipped with connected warehouse technology

In a previous post, we explored why greater connectivity in the warehouse was important. Now we’ll look at how to get started on your journey to a connected facility. Crown experts have led and participated in numerous technology implementations to promote greater connectivity that includes the forklift. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, and […]

Ignore the Hype and Take a Realistic Approach to Greater Connectivity

Forklift operator works in warehouse with forklift equipped with fleet and operator management technology

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to transform the way we interact with machines, data and each other, it is bringing a new level of connectivity that is evolving today’s warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing environments. Unfortunately, the tangible benefits and business value tied to greater connectivity are being overshadowed by the hype. The […]

Fleet and Operator Management Systems: A Valuable Tool in Your Forklift Safety Toolkit

Forklift operator logs in to fleet and operator management system

The core foundation of an effective safety culture is access to quality training at various levels of an organization; where training is provided and encouraged not just for operators, but also for trainers, supervisors and even pedestrians. While this multi-faceted approach to safety may seem daunting, a forklift fleet and operator management system can give […]

The Human Factor of Forklift Design

Forklift operator uses lift truck developed with human factors & ergonomics principles

How forklift operators interact with their equipment affects overall warehouse productivity and safety. While many manufacturers tout their designs as ergonomic, human factors is often only given attention during the evaluation stage of product development. To be truly human-centered, operator interests and needs should be defined at conception and revisited throughout the entire product development […]

It Takes a Special Breed

Forklift carrying materials in recycling operation

Forklifts encounter many different harsh environments, both indoors and out. One of the toughest is recycling. Dust, debris, uneven surfaces and difficult weather are common and any one of these factors is difficult. Combine two, three or more and they can cripple the performance of a forklift and bring the recycling operation to a halt. […]

Introducing Technology to Material Handling: Consider the Human Element

Warehouse worker user wearable technology to help pick orders more ergonomically

Technology adoption within our industry is quickening as Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and advanced robotics are increasingly accepted in society. In material handling environments we now use handheld scanners, mobile computers and warehouse management systems (WMS) to fulfill orders. It seems every day proposes a new technology to fulfill a wide variety […]

Better Data Adds Up to Better Forklift Utilization

Forklift service technician performs service as part of a connected maintenance program

The supply chain and warehouse are overflowing with data; not all of it on product movement. Warehouse and forklift connectivity is generating data on worker performance, forklift utilization and the health and status of equipment. Companies are investing to collect and analyze data to increase productivity, lower costs and enhance safety. One area where greater […]