Connectivity Checklist: 10 Key Implementation Considerations

Making an investment in connectivity is important. While cost and complexity are valid concerns, when done correctly and deliberately, establishing and expanding connectivity within the facility can provide valuable visibility into your operation. Much of the technology involved is proven, relatively simple, and available today.

Crown experts have led and participated in numerous technology implementations to promote greater connectivity that includes the forklift. Based on that experience, here is a checklist to help keep you on track as you begin your journey to greater connectivity.

1. Work closely with your technology provider to take advantage of best practices and understand the best way to introduce the technology into your facility.

2. Secure involvement from all necessary stakeholders in the planning process, including IT and affected departments (e.g., maintenance, operations, and safety).

3. Commit to a phased implementation approach that allows you to take manageable, strategic steps and build on accomplishments to get to the next step.

4. Establish clear, measurable objectives prior to implementation to help deliver business value and eliminate unrealistic expectations.

5. Identify and prioritize the type of data you will gather and ensure it will be easy to extract and incorporate into existing tools, systems, and KPIs.

6. Define and document data-sharing processes so the right information is shared with the right departments and individuals at the right time.

7. Present data to managers in a way that makes efficient use of their time while providing the basis for decision-making.

8. Create a framework whereby managers can act on data to effect real, meaningful operational and behavioral changes.

9. Ensure continuous engagement and improvements by utilizing a scorecard that benchmarks the current state and documents initial results.

10. Build on your success by incorporating lessons learned and best practices as you progress.

There is a wealth of data that can be gathered from your facility and equipment. Considering these 10 factors will help you not only access that data but allow you to gain the insight to enact real positive change in your operations.

For more information on creating a connected facility and managing the data, download Crown’s e-book Achieving Material Handling Connectivity.


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