Crown Equipment’s InfoLink® Operator and Fleet Management and Warehouse Solutions Help Menasha Increase Productivity

Menasha is a provider of primary and secondary packaging services for large consumer product goods companies. The company turned to Crown Equipment, one of the world’s largest material handling companies, to help them increase productivity and better utilize their warehouse capacity.

As Menasha continued to grow it needed to better utilize its warehouse space. The company had been storing all of their product at floor level. When additional space was needed, it would simply acquire more square footage. To optimize both vertical and horizontal space in their warehouse, Crown’s Warehouse Solutions personnel came to the Menasha facility to assist in finding the appropriate racking for their operation. Along with the installation of racking, Crown helped the company select the right forklift for their application, resulting in the purchase of a fleet of RC Series stand-up counterbalance forklifts. Now, Menasha is better positioned to handle future growth.

“Companywide, I figure we had about a 48 percent increase in our capacity due to the racking installation,” explained Michael Santucci, Operations Engineering Manager, Menasha.

The company had also been monitoring fleet performance on paper, which was no longer practical given the growth of the operation. Management decided to pursue a more efficient solution and selected Crown’s InfoLink® Fleet Management System. The InfoLink system has provided the company with real time data regarding stock movements, forklift and battery utilization, impacts and planned maintenance requirements.

“InfoLink has given us support in areas that we didn’t have before so we’re very pleased with the outcome of that,” Santucci stated. “We’re learning more and more every day.”

For more details of how Menasha and Crown worked together to help achieve the company’s goals, visit the customer results page on

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