Crown forklifts provide high performance and dependability in frigid temperatures

US Cold Storage frozen and refrigerated storage

For nearly a century, United States Cold Storage (USCS) has been making a name for itself in the frozen and refrigerated storage industry. Now with 42 facilities across 13 states and more than 4,500 employees, USCS provides frozen and refrigerated storage, transportation and logistics services to some of the largest American and international food producers. In its busy 498,000 square foot frozen storage warehouse in Bethlehem, PA., the company employs 140 forklift operators working three shifts every day of the week in temperatures ranging from negative five to 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Crown RMD Series reach truck has been instrumental in solving the challenges USCS faced with the demands of a busy 24/7 schedule, the need for efficiency in high-reach applications, and the harsh conditions of its temperature-controlled environment. Crown’s innovative MonoLift® mast provides operators with a clear line of sight allowing them to confidently place loads at any height without the stretching and leaning required in other reach truck solutions.

Crown’s FlexRide® suspension floor of the RC Series has also proven to reduce operator fatigue when loading and unloading trailers throughout the day.

”The FlexRide is a lot more comfortable, because going in and out of a truck it catches my weight and the shock,” noted Joseph Carrasquillo, trainer for USCS.

Faster speed adds up to higher productivity with more pallets being moved every shift. The durability of the RMD Series trucks as well as the RC Series trucks has been a critical factor in productivity. Both offer reliable, superior performance and an ergonomic design to reduce operator strain and fatigue in a demanding environment where uptime is critical to success.

“You get what you gotta get done in a nice smooth fashion,” said Carrasquillo. “It’s just all around great equipment to work on that makes your day easier. You can go home without lower back pain or neck pain.”

For more details about how USCS and Crown work together, visit the customer result on

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