Forklift Safety Series: Defining an Integrated Approach to Safety

A forklift operator completes forklift safety training

Crown Equipment is committed to helping customers maintain a safe operation with equipment designed around the operator, in accordance with industry standards. A successful safety program considers key elements that can positively contribute to employee safety.

In this forklift safety blog series, with topics inspired by our new e-book “An Integrated Approach to Forklift Safety,” we explore the components of an integrated safety approach and how to ensure a strong safety culture.


For warehouse managers, safety is one of the most important priorities in managing operations – big or small. However, creating a safety culture isn’t always as simple as it seems.

Crown Equipment helps its customers create and maintain cultures where safety is top of mind. The key to accomplishing this has proven to be the implementation of an integrated, holistic approach to forklift safety. With Crown’s broad industry experience and consistent focus on safety management, the company is uniquely positioned to provide some of the key components of a comprehensive program, including:

1. Equipment Design

Forklift manufacturers that take an operator-centric approach to design can address issues such as visibility and ergonomics in the design phase to provide open sightlines, reduce fatigue and integrate features that enable and promote safer operation of the vehicle. Accordingly, equipment design plays a significant role in creating a strong safety culture.

2. Training

Training, the core of many safety programs, is a fundamental element of building a safety culture. Effective safety management requires extending training beyond forklift operators to include managers, supervisors and pedestrians, and making it readily accessible and convenient for anyone involved in the operation.

3. Connectivity

Greater connectivity in the warehouse can help create and maintain a safe working environment. Relevant data can bring increased awareness to operations, provide alerts and insights about impacts, and offer a new tool for identifying opportunities for supervision, reinforcement of training and positive behavioral changes.

4. Optimization

Data from forklift fleet and operator management systems is valuable in identifying and responding to specific incidents and tackling operational inefficiencies. With this information in hand, warehouse and fleet managers can take specific, insightful, data-informed steps to achieve sustainable improvements.

5. Compliance Management

Connecting forklifts to a fleet and operator management system can also provide the ability to control access to equipment and automate documentary processes that streamline safety compliance.

By combining ergonomic forklifts with safety features, operator and fleet management software, comprehensive training, and safety-focused service programs, an integrated safety management program can strengthen and reinforce existing safety programs and foster measurable improvements in key safety metrics.

While each component is important in its own right, the true value of the program comes when all work together. Material handling solution suppliers that take a cohesive approach to design, production, training and service are better positioned to help you integrate the various components of a safety program into a holistic approach.

When properly executed, integrated forklift safety programs can result in fewer injuries, reduced damage and streamlined compliance, which in turn can generate a positive return on investment.

You can read more about each of these key areas, as well as the overall importance of a consistent and comprehensive approach to safety in our newest e-book, An Integrated Approach to Forklift Safety. We will also continue to explore other safety topics in the coming days, so please continue to revisit our blog for new content.

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