Having the Right Forklift for the Job Increases Productivity at Lodge Manufacturing

Lodge Manufacturing is a manufacturer of cast iron cookware in continuous operation for more than 120 years. The company’s products are shipped worldwide and sold through big box stores, hardware stores, specialty retail outlets and through online e-commerce. For many years, the original Lodge foundry and a 40,000 square foot warehouse and distribution center kept pace with demand, but in the mid-1990’s business began to increase dramatically. A foundry expansion, followed by construction of a second foundry and a new 212,000 square foot distribution center, provided the capacity the company needed but there were many critical decisions to make in configuring the new DC.

Lodge invited local Crown dealer, The Bailey Company, to help evaluate the company’s lift truck needs. Crown also provided input on warehouse design that would help maximize capacity and productivity.

Crown’s TSP Series has given Lodge the ability to utilize more vertical storage space in its very narrow aisle, high-bay warehouse. The operators at the distribution center value the superior visibility in the TSP Series, using the MoveControl® seat to optimally position themselves depending on the operation.

The Crown RC Series stand-up counterbalance forklift has also been a key player in maximizing productivity in the new distribution center. With an intuitive multifunction control handle and superior maneuverability, operators are able to work efficiently on the dock and when loading and unloading trailers. Lodge’s operators noted that they liked the FlexRide® suspension floor that dampens shock and vibration going over docks and uneven platforms.

The versatility of the MPC Series enables it to provide the perfect ergonomic order picking solution since operators are able to adjust the forks to position the pallet at an ideal order picking height. Coupled with a low step height, this adjustability helps reduce operator fatigue and back pain when picking heavy cast iron products. When order picking is completed, the MPC Series is also used for trailer loading and unloading and low-level stock replenishment.

“Having a forklift that can perform in many different environments has really cut costs for us, stated Christina Snow, operations supervisor at Lodge Manufacturing. “Our productivity has definitely increased and we are a much more efficient facility since we were able to choose equipment based specifically on our build and our racking system.”

For more details about how Lodge Manufacturing and Crown work together to have reach a complete solution and increase productivity with the TSP Series, RC Series and MPC Series, visit the customer result on

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