Save Time and Plan Ahead with the Right Forklift Maintenance Tracking

DHL is one of the world’s largest express logistics companies, providing solutions to over 220 countries. In the United States, DHL has four business units; Supply Chain, DHL Express, DHL Global Forwarding and E-Commerce. Within the Supply Chain business unit, the company operates a fleet of more than 7,000 forklifts across multiple locations, recording the fleet’s operating expenses in more than 500 cost centers.

Tracking the maintenance and service for a fleet of this size is a huge undertaking. The company records thousands of service calls annually across over 400 locations, so a solution that would consolidate the invoicing and maintenance history was an absolute necessity.

The first solution adopted by the company suffered from issues with delayed invoicing, which created a multiple accounting and budget problems. David Andres, regional sourcing category manager in DHL’s Supply Chain unit, was spending hundreds of hours over the course of a year trying to resolve invoicing issues with DHL’s accounting process. Managers often found themselves having to estimate their repair costs in a given reporting period because actual expense data wasn’t available.

DHL then turned to Crown’s FleetSTATS® system to track and manage its forklift maintenance and invoicing. The company is now able to review and approve invoices without delay and has unprecedented visibility into maintenance history and cost. It is no longer necessary to spend hundreds of hours each year resolving invoicing issues. With this extra time and more visibility into their maintenance history, DHL now has the ability to plan for future lift truck maintenance and purchases and it has the data to support the decisions.

“I’ve gone from solving issues and problems with invoices to now looking at concrete solid data and working with our fleet manager and our GMs and our Ops Managers to better plan for the future,” stated Andres.

For more details about DHL’s experience with Crown’s FleetSTATS system, visit the customer result on

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