Equipping Pickers with Automated Technologies Creates Tangible Benefits

As the grocery industry continues to evolve, managing supply chains and moving products within refrigerated and frozen food warehouses becomes even more complex. Developments in the industry are causing executives to shift their focus toward the layout, speed, flexibility, and productivity of their distribution centers to determine what additional investments are needed. Meeting evolving customer […]

Telematics: A Vital Piece of Your Forklift Automation Strategy

Dual mode tow tractor operating in autonomous mode in manufacturing setting

In today’s ever-changing business environment, no one needs to be convinced of the important role data can play. Whether it’s gathered for identifying opportunities for efficiency gains or increasing productivity and safety, data utilization is impacting every industry and permeating our lives. One of the main difficulties many supply chain and forklift fleet managers have […]

Enhance Your Forklift Fleet Performance in Five Steps

Connected forklifts operating in warehouse dock environment

Given the forklift’s prominent role in your supply chain operation, it’s a smart idea to regularly take a hard look at your forklifts and identify attainable goals that will help ensure your fleet is performing at optimal levels. Below are five steps that could help you enhance the performance and productivity of your forklift fleet. […]

A Winning Dream Team: How Automation and Manual Operations Can Work Together

Automated vehicle transports products in warehouse

When it comes to supply chain automation, there are very few questions about whether the technology is a viable option. Numerous successful projects and applications across the industry have shown that there can be benefits to incorporating certain types of automation into warehouses and distribution centers. As supply chain managers begin to research automation solutions, […]

Forget the “New Normal:” Three Tips for Improving Facility Operations Beyond COVID-19

Forklift operators perform tasks in warehouse setting

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to reshape and challenge distribution facilities and supply chains, there’s been a lot of talk about adjusting to the “new normal.”  But why focus on normal when you could focus on better? In many ways, the pandemic has become an accelerator or catalyst for positive change, forcing companies to reexamine, […]

Cutting Five Seconds Per Pick: How to Optimize Low-Level Order Picking

Warehouse employee works with wearable order picking technology

Despite warehouse technology advances, such as pick-to-voice systems, the low-level order picking process is still noticeably inefficient. It can take as many as nine discrete actions from when an operator places one case on a pallet to when they place the next case on the pallet. It remains one of the most resource-intensive processes in […]