Five Phases to Implementing Forklift Fleet Management

Crown Equipment has been providing forklift and material handling connectivity solutions for over a decade. During that time, we have worked closely with our customers to help them integrate forklift fleet management into their businesses. Through that process, we‘ve learned valuable lessons about technology adoption and implementation in material handling facilities. Through our experience with […]

Is Your Workforce Ready for Greater Connectivity?

Warehouse colleagues discuss new forklift fleet management system

Almost no one likes change and that basic trait of human nature must be considered in any technology implementation, especially when you are bringing greater connectivity to your facility. When managed properly, the initial reaction your workers may have to the changes introduced by connectivity can be effectively minimized and eventually eliminated as they gain […]

How Greater Connectivity Can Enhance Your Safety Program

Forklift operator drives connected lift truck in manufacturing environment

In previous posts, we’ve defined and brought clarity to the idea of a connected supply chain facility. We’ve discussed a variety of topics, including the business value of a connected facility, the best way to introduce the technology to your facility and how to prepare your workforce. What you may not realize is that greater […]

How Greater Connectivity Can Transform Service and Maintenance

Forklift service technician diagnoses issue with lift truck in need of repair with the help of connected technology.

Imagine a world where your forklift tells you or your operator when there is a maintenance issue that needs to be addressed. Or the forklift automatically takes steps to prevent an issue from becoming more severe – and most likely, more expensive to fix. Better yet, imagine the service technician shows up at your facility […]

Six Goals Greater Connectivity Can Help You Achieve

Warehouse managers discuss data from connected forklifts

Today, warehouse equipment, such as forklifts, can be connected with little or no disruption to existing operations and deliver immediate value that grows over time. The key is taking a phased approach that is based on clear business objectives and builds on the successful experience of others. In order to realize tangible benefits with greater […]

Forklift Safety Series: Using Data and Technology to Strengthen Your Safety Culture

Crown Equipment is committed to helping customers maintain a safe operation with equipment designed around the operator, in accordance with industry standards. A successful safety program considers key elements that can positively contribute to employee safety. In this forklift safety blog series, with topics inspired by our new e-book “An Integrated Approach to Forklift Safety,” […]

Telematics: A Vital Piece of Your Forklift Automation Strategy

Dual mode tow tractor operating in autonomous mode in manufacturing setting

In today’s ever-changing business environment, no one needs to be convinced of the important role data can play. Whether it’s gathered for identifying opportunities for efficiency gains or increasing productivity and safety, data utilization is impacting every industry and permeating our lives. One of the main difficulties many supply chain and forklift fleet managers have […]

Enhance Your Forklift Fleet Performance in Five Steps

Connected forklifts operating in warehouse dock environment

Given the forklift’s prominent role in your supply chain operation, it’s a smart idea to regularly take a hard look at your forklifts and identify attainable goals that will help ensure your fleet is performing at optimal levels. Below are five steps that could help you enhance the performance and productivity of your forklift fleet. […]

Building a Global Experience Through Connected Maintenance

Service technician checks data from a connected forklift while performing maintenance

Greater connectivity is evolving the forklift service call and changing how companies approach equipment maintenance. Today’s connected service technicians are using new technology to make service calls smarter and more proactive. Service providers are working closely with customers to create a connected maintenance experience that increases visibility into the process, reduces downtime, sets the stage […]