Enhance Your Forklift Fleet Performance in Five Steps

Connected forklifts operating in warehouse dock environment

Given the forklift’s prominent role in your supply chain operation, it’s a smart idea to regularly take a hard look at your forklifts and identify attainable goals that will help ensure your fleet is performing at optimal levels. Below are five steps that could help you enhance the performance and productivity of your forklift fleet. […]

Building a Global Experience Through Connected Maintenance

Service technician checks data from a connected forklift while performing maintenance

Greater connectivity is evolving the forklift service call and changing how companies approach equipment maintenance. Today’s connected service technicians are using new technology to make service calls smarter and more proactive. Service providers are working closely with customers to create a connected maintenance experience that increases visibility into the process, reduces downtime, sets the stage […]

Braving the Cold Year-Round: Five Tips for Cold Storage Lift Truck Operation

Forklift operator unloads products from a trailer in a cold storage warehouse

As we look forward to packing away our heavy coats, gloves and scarves for the season, it seems many of us are eager to leave the brutal cold of winter behind as warmer, spring weather approaches. However, for those in cold storage warehouses, bundling up to contend with cooler climates is a daily, year-round occurrence. […]

How to Use Data Analytics to Keep Your Service and Maintenance Program on Track

Service technicians review forklift data while performing maintenance

Every fleet manager understands the value and importance of service and maintenance, but not everyone has a clear understanding of how data can determine if service and maintenance programs are effective. Data analytics allows fleet managers to better approach fleet service and maintenance, but it can be difficult to know where to begin when searching […]

How to Tackle the Rising Tide of Data: Three Tips for Staying Afloat

Warehouse manager discusses data from operator and fleet management system with forklift operator

As supply chain connectivity increases around the world, so does the amount of data that we create, consume and analyze. It can become easy, at times, for fleet and supply chain managers to feel like they are drowning in data. Identifying priorities and channeling focus onto what is important to you and your operation is […]

Forget the “New Normal:” Three Tips for Improving Facility Operations Beyond COVID-19

Forklift operators perform tasks in warehouse setting

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to reshape and challenge distribution facilities and supply chains, there’s been a lot of talk about adjusting to the “new normal.”  But why focus on normal when you could focus on better? In many ways, the pandemic has become an accelerator or catalyst for positive change, forcing companies to reexamine, […]

Taking a Phased Approach to Warehouse Connectivity

Forklift operator using forklift equipped with connected warehouse technology

In a previous post, we explored why greater connectivity in the warehouse was important. Now we’ll look at how to get started on your journey to a connected facility. Crown experts have led and participated in numerous technology implementations to promote greater connectivity that includes the forklift. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, and […]

Ignore the Hype and Take a Realistic Approach to Greater Connectivity

Forklift operator works in warehouse with forklift equipped with fleet and operator management technology

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to transform the way we interact with machines, data and each other, it is bringing a new level of connectivity that is evolving today’s warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing environments. Unfortunately, the tangible benefits and business value tied to greater connectivity are being overshadowed by the hype. The […]

Fleet and Operator Management Systems: A Valuable Tool in Your Forklift Safety Toolkit

Forklift operator logs in to fleet and operator management system

The core foundation of an effective safety culture is access to quality training at various levels of an organization; where training is provided and encouraged not just for operators, but also for trainers, supervisors and even pedestrians. While this multi-faceted approach to safety may seem daunting, a forklift fleet and operator management system can give […]

Better Data Adds Up to Better Forklift Utilization

Forklift service technician performs service as part of a connected maintenance program

The supply chain and warehouse are overflowing with data; not all of it on product movement. Warehouse and forklift connectivity is generating data on worker performance, forklift utilization and the health and status of equipment. Companies are investing to collect and analyze data to increase productivity, lower costs and enhance safety. One area where greater […]