Six Tips for Optimizing Your Forklift Fleet’s Battery Inventory

Lead-acid battery in electric pallet jack being charged

Lead-acid batteries are absolutely vital to forklift operations, but can also lead to major headaches for fleet managers playing a guessing game with optimal battery inventory. Having too few, or even too many, batteries can negatively impact performance and operational productivity.  These tips will help you determine and maintain the right number of lead-acid batteries needed to efficiently and […]

Deionized Water: The Perfect “Solution” for Maintaining Your Lead-Acid Batteries

Technician completes forklift battery watering with deionized water

Regular maintenance of lead-acid forklift batteries helps preserve their capacity and could increase their life and run times. And this pays off in decreased downtime, increased productivity and less money spent on replacing batteries. One of the most significant parts of lead-acid battery maintenance is monitoring water levels and adding water, as needed, to achieve […]