The Human Factor of Forklift Design

Forklift operator uses lift truck developed with human factors & ergonomics principles

How forklift operators interact with their equipment affects overall warehouse productivity and safety. While many manufacturers tout their designs as ergonomic, human factors is often only given attention during the evaluation stage of product development. To be truly human-centered, operator interests and needs should be defined at conception and revisited throughout the entire product development […]

Introducing Technology to Material Handling: Consider the Human Element

Warehouse worker user wearable technology to help pick orders more ergonomically

Technology adoption within our industry is quickening as Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and advanced robotics are increasingly accepted in society. In material handling environments we now use handheld scanners, mobile computers and warehouse management systems (WMS) to fulfill orders. It seems every day proposes a new technology to fulfill a wide variety […]